Why my Lego wall is stronger than Rob Bell’s brick wall

By now most folks are familiar with the name Rob Bell and his book Velvet Elvis.  In his book, Bell begins to discuss various theological beliefs and whether they are essential to the Christian faith. The analogy that he uses is of the theological tenets being bricks in a wall. He begins to look at things like the Virgin Birth of Christ, the authority of Scripture, etc. and he concludes that even if you remove and discard a brick–a belief–that the wall will remain intact. Intact? Maybe.  Breached and weakened? Definitely.

The problem with building walls out of bricks is that they don’t have those little lugs to keep them together. It takes another substance–mortar–to make them adhere to one another. Not so with Legos. They interlock and hold together by themselves quite nicely. And once a wall is built, you cannot simply slide a brick or two here or there out of the wall. No. A Lego wall is an inherent whole. If you try to take a brick or two out of the middle, the result will be the destruction of the whole wall.

Indeed the deconstruction of modern systems of thinking has been one of the things that has characterized post-modernism, and in particular, the Emergent Church movement.  But it’s simply not that simple. You cannot approach orthodox Christian belief as though it were a cafeteria–I’ll have a little Reconciliation, but I don’t want any Substitutionary Atonement. Give me a double-serving of Glorification, but I don’t want any Sovereignty and Sanctification.  I’ll take Ecclesiology, but only if it’s low-cal, and give me some scrambled Eschatology, too. Sorry. Doesn’t work like that folks.

That’s why I think Legos beats Bricks any day.


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