This is NOT what I mean by a Lego church

Before everybody inundates me with the photos of the church built from Legos that are all over the web, I wanted to go ahead and link over to it to demonstrate what I am NOT talking about.

A few years back a very creative young lady by the name of Amy Hughes built a very complex model of a church (ostensibly based on the Crystal Cathedral in California) from Legos. You can visit the site here.

Her work shows a great deal of creativity, but take a moment and reflect on what you see: it’s a TRADITIONAL STYLE CHURCH built from Legos. All of the elements of traditional program-based church seem to be present.

What a waste of potential!

With that many Legos, what COULD have been done that was so Blue-Ocean (HT: Ben Arment) that we can’t even comprehend it right now?


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